Come in - we are open!


Business models in the digital age build on information and knowledge as their essential resources. We are supporting you in developing digital business models, in involving customers and partners into the product life cycle, in co-creating together with external communities and open content or in outsourcing tasks with the help of crowdsourcing.

Leading innovation is no longer a result of your own efforts but rather emerges through open organizational boundaries in continuous exchange with your customers, partners, fellow competitors, external communities or experts. We support your organisation to develop key advantages over models built on a classic approach.

Technology is dominating  a large set of our business processes as well as it defines our daily lives. In doing so, open blueprints for hardware, software or knowledge are becoming much more relevant together with open interfaces for unhindered information exchange. We support you to build on interoperability, vendor independence and open standards.

A strong network and open community

Based on our strong member network and the deep experience of our campus coaches, we support your enterprise in deploying the strengths of Open Source, Open Innovation and Open Technology within your business model.We are dedicated to make you familiar with the strengths of Open Source and show you how to integrate these into your business model: openess, transparency, visibility, independence, diversity and innovation.

Join us.

Benefits of a company membership include access to our member network, the opportunity for individual coaching, support in developing your business model, the backing of a neutral, well acknowledged organization and an invitation to collaborate in our projects or to bring your own.

By adding your profile, website, logo, areas of expertise and communication channels we will increase your visibility within our open context.

Join us as either an individual member (€100/year)*, a company member (from €1000/year, dependent on size), a startup (entering for free with an increasing fee over the course of three years) or an institutional member (€500/year).

Universities and academic organizations are exempt from membership fees.